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InveServe Corp

Tech-Driven Property Management Company for California’s San Gabriel Valley

Your real estate Investment deserves world-class Service from a property management company built around YOU.

  • Maximizing Rental Property Income Since 1989
  • ROI-Boosting Property Management for Every Type of Owner
  • Technology and Systems That Always Save You Money

Start Earning Higher Income From Your Rental Properties

Rental property success starts with proven systems. Our trusted property management ensures you get every dollar you deserve.

Since 1989, the property managers at InveServe Corp. have brought peace of mind and higher profits to investment property owners in the San Gabriel Valley.

We know how important both your free time and your hard-earned assets are to you. That’s why we’ve built our entire property management business around YOUR financial freedom and success.

Founded on our three core values of transparency, integrity, and professionalism, we’ve become the sought-after property management partner for everyone from accidental landlords to experienced investors ready to truly maximize their real estate portfolio.


We always want you to know how well your investments are performing.


Trust is the foundation of the long-term relationships we build with our clients.


Working with you is a privilege. Always expect great service and a genuine smile.

Let’s Talk About Getting You Higher Profits From Your Investment Property

Click the link below to get expert advice and local insights from successful San Gabriel Valley property investors.

We’re problem solvers and successful rental property owners ourselves. Whether you just acquired your first rental property or already have an extensive portfolio, a quick chat with InveServe at (626) 458-3435 is always good for your real estate investment’s bottom line.

Comprehensive San Gabriel Valley Property Management Services

We cut costs without cutting corners by implementing the latest property management technology into every service we offer.

Hassle-Free 24/7 Property

Go ahead and put your phone on silent. Our automated property maintenance process ensures budget-smart repairs that get done quickly. And our experienced in-house crew ensures you get the highest quality repairs at the lowest possible cost.

Better Tenants and
Fewer Vacancies

Stop stressing over vacancies. We know how to market your property to quickly and consistently attract the most qualified tenants. Then, our thorough tenant screening process identifies the absolute best tenants for your rental property.

Financial Reporting

There’s nothing to hide with us.
We’re proud of the results we get for our clients. You’ll get thorough, straightforward, and easy-to-read automated monthly reports along with 24/7 online access to your investment property’s financial performance.

Worry-Free Legal

Just one legal mistake can end up costing you BIG. From tenant screening and fair housing laws to ADA compliance and building codes, when you work with InveServe Corp. staying legally compliant is something you never have to worry about.

Complete Leasing and
Turnover Services

Feel 100% confident no matter how far away you live. We take care of all the paperwork, collect all fees and security deposits, perform meticulous move-in and move-out inspections, enforce the lease, and foster positive relationships with tenants.

Happier Tenants That Pay
Rent On Time

Problem tenants are no longer a problem. We ensure on-time rent collection and swiftly handle any situation. At the same time, we make sure every tenant feels valued. Happy tenants are great for business and we never take a good one for granted.

Feel the Freedom of Incredible Property Management

You wanted your investment property to be another source of income. Not another source of stress. Let’s fix that.

Click the link below for worry-free, maximized income from your rental property in the San Gabriel Valley.

Your All-in-One San Gabriel Valley Real Estate Management Solution

Whether one or one hundred, it’s time to start maximizing the returns from every unit in your rental property portfolio.

From brand new landlords to long-time investors, owners of all types of properties trust our proven property management services to make earning maximized rental income easy and stress-free.

Multifamily Properties

From duplexes and triplexes to townhomes and apartments, we handle it all.

Single-Family Homes

Cut costs, boost profits, and feel secure about your single-family rentals.

Commercial Real Estate

Earn top dollar with our experienced commercial property management.

HOA Management

Enforce the rules, maintain positive communication, and easily collect dues.

Looking to Optimize Your Investment Property Portfolio?

Our in-house brokerage is your local San Gabriel Valley area resource for finding your next great investment opportunity.

The San Gabriel Valley in Southern California is one of the most lucrative rental markets in the world. We work with investors from all over the globe to identify, analyze, and acquire new rental properties for their portfolios.

If you have a rental property you want to sell, we also have a long list of investors ready to pay top dollar. Learn about our rental property real estate services.

Insights from Local Experts

Benefit from our more than 30 years in the market with insights and advice you won’t find anywhere else.

Your Local Eyes and Ears

Put our local knowledge to work and quickly learn much more than you can from an online search.

Valuable Local Connections

InveServe is an industry leader among property management companies in the San Gabriel Valley.

Let’s Talk Strategy.

Call Us Today to Talk About Getting the Most Out of Your Investment Property Portfolio.

About InveServe Corp. Property Management Company in the San Gabriel Valley

Since 1989, InveServe Corp. has successfully connected thousands of happy renters with owners of multifamily properties; retail, commercial, medical, and professional buildings; HOAs, and single-family homes.

At InveServe, we are a property manager committed to a client-centric approach. Our core values – transparency, integrity, and professionalism – allow us to provide tangible benefits to every client, from accidental landlords to sophisticated investors with a vast portfolio.

For investment property owners, we offer an easy, full-service real estate management solution to help you minimize the hassles of owning a rental property and maximize your return on investment.

We offer our clients in-house, around-the-clock, 24/7 professional property maintenance services, as well as the expertise of our trusted partner vendors.

InveServe goes beyond a typical property manager and can also help you perform due diligence and prepare pro forma when you sell or buy your investment properties. If you are interested in locating a high-potential investment property in Southern California, we encourage you to contact us.

From finding qualified tenants, collecting rents, and efficiently maintaining properties, we are a property manager you can rely on for exceptional service and exceptional results. No matter the size of your portfolio, we’ve got you covered. We handle it all.

Should You Be Earning More
Income from Your Rental Property?

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analysis from successful local property investors.