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Property Management in Altadena from Experienced Professionals

Multifamily, single-family, and commercial property management in Altadena, CA. 

  • The Most Innovative Technology

  • Proven Systems and Processes

  • Unbeatable Service and Communication

Over $2,400,000 Million in rent collected




in rent collected
every month for our clients!

…InveServe was nothing short of amazing…very professional, punctual, communicative, and extremely accommodating…As a landlord, I would not hesitate to use InveServe as my property management company of choice…

Samantha M.

West San Gabriel Valley Realtors
Apartment Owners Association of Callifornia Inc.
California Association of Realtors
Equal Housing Opportunity
Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles

Why Choose InveServe Over Other Property Management Companies in Altadena, CA?


Over 3 Decades of Local Experience

Since 1989, InveServe has translated our three core values – transparency, integrity, and professionalism – into profit and stability for successful property owners.

Owners Find Success

We’ve Helped 1000’s of Owners Find Success

Combining the latest technology with proven experience, our systems and processes have worked for thousands of rental property owners in the San Gabriel Valley.

All Types of Properties

Experts at Managing All Types of Properties

We will manage and optimize every property in your rental property portfolio including multifamily properties, commercial properties, and single-family homes.

Altadena Property Management That Minimizes Costs and Maximizes Profit

Altadena Property Management That Minimizes Costs and Maximizes Profit

  • Comprehensive Leasing Services Get the right tenants placed fast with innovative rental property marketing, thorough tenant screening, and streamlined leasing.  
  • Complete Tenant Management We keep Altadena residents happy and ready to renew their lease while quickly and effectively handling any problem tenants.  
  • Intelligent Property Maintenance Tenant maintenance requests are handled efficiently while prioritizing keeping your costs low and protecting long-term property value.  
  • Experts in Landlord-Tenant Law Keep your rental property business 100% legally compliant no matter how California landlord-tenant laws change. 
  • Worry-Free Rent Collection Expect all the rent you’re owed to be direct deposited into your account on time and at the same time every month. 
  • 100% Accounting Transparency Feel secure with 24/7 access to income and expense reports along with everything you need for tax preparation.

Don’t Miss Out On Profits By Charging The Wrong Rental Price

What can happen if you don’t set the right rental price? 

  • Extended vacancies 

  • Lost income every month 

  • Not covering your mortgage and expenses


Get your FREE rental analysis TODAY from a property manager with over 30 years of successful property management in Altadena, CA! It’s comprehensive, accurate, and will maximize your profits.

Altadena Property Management: Frequently Asked Questions

How much do property managers charge in California?

Fees charged by property managers in Altadena, California vary depending on several factors. These factors can include the location of the property, the number of units managed, and the services offered. Typically, property managers charge 4% to 10% of the monthly rent collected. Leasing fees often range from 50% to 100% of the first month’s rent.

What to look for in a property management company?

When choosing an Altadena property management company, it’s important to consider the property manager’s reputation and experience in managing the types of investment property you own. You should also consider the services offered, the terms of the contract, what fees the property manager charges, and how they use technology to improve communication and responsiveness.

What does a property manager do?

Property management companies handle all the day-to-day tasks associated with managing real estate assets including rental property marketing, screening prospective tenants, rent collection, handling maintenance requests, rental property accounting, legal compliance, and financial reporting. Some property managers also help investors buy and sell rental properties and optimize their real estate investment portfolio.

Do property managers find tenants?

A key component of what a property manager does is marketing the property to attract the best possible tenants and then screening prospective tenants to choose one that will pay rent on time, be easy to work with, take care of the property, and respect the lease. Experienced property managers often have a thorough tenant screening process that identifies the best tenants more reliably than a landlord who self-manages.

Is hiring a property manager worth it?

For rental property owners who value their time and energy, hiring a property management company eases the burden of managing real estate assets so they can focus on building their rental property business or other income streams. Good property management also means high-quality tenants, lowered maintenance costs, fewer vacancies, expert financial management, and legal compliance. While some property owners see property management as an added expense, it actually maximizes the long-term profitability of your real estate assets.

Secure Your Financial Future With Trusted Altadena Property Management 

Secure Your Financial Future With Trusted Property Management in Altadena 

You’ve worked hard to acquire your investment properties. Now it’s time to let someone else do all the work while you get back to doing what you love. 

Get in touch with InveServe today to boost your investment property ROI, feel confident about the long-term success of your Altadena rental properties, and rest assured that a trusted partner is always looking out for you.

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About Owning Rental Property in Altadena, CA

Altadena, California, is an unincorporated community located within the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County. Its name reflects its position – derived from the Spanish for “upper” and referencing its elevation compared to neighboring Pasadena.

Founded in the late 19th century, Altadena’s distinct geography created a unique identity. Bordered on three sides by natural areas – the Arroyo Seco, Angeles National Forest, and Eaton Canyon – it has historically attracted residents seeking a balance between urban amenities and a connection with nature.

The 2020 census recorded a population of over 42,800 in Altadena. The racial makeup reflects a diverse community, with a significant White population (over 53%), followed by African American (nearly 20%) and Hispanic or Latino (around 30%) residents.

Altadena leans liberal politically and boasts a well-educated population, with a high percentage of residents holding college degrees. Families with young children are drawn to the area’s reputation for excellent public schools, contributing to the suburban character of the community.

Given its location and character, Altadena’s rental market tends to skew towards single-family homes rather than apartments. While specific data can vary, Los Angeles County as a whole has experienced rising rental costs in recent years. This trend is likely to be reflected in Altadena as well, with potential renters facing a competitive market and potentially higher rents.

For those seeking a suburban lifestyle with access to nature, Altadena offers a compelling option. However, those considering renting in the area should be prepared for a potentially competitive market and potentially rising rental costs.